What a couple expect from their first date

Are you getting ready for a first date with someone? You are probably a little nervous and a little excited. Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about their first date. After all, it is nothing more than a conversation with someone and getting to know them. But have you ever looked at it in another way? That your first date can make a huge impression and tests both your compatibilities. Couples expect quite a few things from their first date as it will determine if they will go on a second date and decide the potential fate of the relationship.

Things to Expect on a First Date

Here is a look at some of the things that couples expect from their first date:

  • Attention: When couples go out on their first date, one of the first things they expect from the other person is attention. Of course, everyone wants someone else’s admiration, but it is more important to have their focus. There will definitely be a conversation between the two people on the date and they will both want to make sure that the other person is listening to what they are saying and being attentive.
  • No Drama: When two people go out on a first date, the last thing they want is someone who complains about the last person they dated or had a relationship with. Couples want a fuss-free, drama-free date where they can get to know each other without delving into the past straightaway. A first date should be healthy, and the last thing that couples expect from their date is signs of dysfunction.
  • Clear Signals: Couples out on their first date expect each other to at least hint if they would like to go on a second date. If either person is interested in seeing the other again, they should give a clear signal so that there are no misguided expectations. If one thinks that they may not be compatible or if the date does not go as well as expected, they should definitely let each other know.
  • A ‘Thank You’: Whether a couple’s first date is going out for coffee or dinner and a movie, it should end with a ‘thank you.’ It is a way of showing that they appreciated the company and regardless of whether they plan to go out again, they had a good time. A simple “Thank you. I had a great time” is always nice. This is a traditional way to end a date and will never go out of style.

There are certain things that couples expect from each other when they go out on their first date. If those expectations are not met, chances are that they will not go out on a second date. These are not things that anyone has to go to great lengths to do. They are simple expectations but make a lasting impression on both individuals on the date and may possibly be the factor that plays a role in whether they will see each other again.

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