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Dating application are known to be one of the most engaging application that is used on mobile phones. Dating app has an average 100 million active users and they perhaps spend 90 minutes every day on different dating application.

Dating websites and application are also a place where people are able to find like minded partners but not every dating website is trust worthy. Members of the dating sites do get disappointed at times when they are not able to find a perfect partner for themselves.

But, the matter of fact is that is one of the most popular dating website in USA.

Zoosk is one of the reliable online dating company that provides great customer service experience and it helps people to find an ideal match for them as per the requirement of the individual. It also makes use of the Behavioral Matchmaking technology that helps them to find ideal matches in the real time scenario.

It is also the number 1 grossing dating app that is present in the Apple App store and it is perhaps the leader in the mobile dating. It is available in 80 countries and you can easily access it in 25 languages. It is certainly one of the global online dating platform that you can use.

How to use Zoosk dating?

To start off, you would need to provide basic information about yourself in order to sign up. It will take you about 15 minutes to fill out the entire profile. If you are having a basic account , then you would be able to see the picture of the member but you won’t be able to message them until it is a premium account.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a lot of special features that you can use to find your partner. The site is quite safe to use as it comes up with mobile verification. In general, most of the members in the zoosk dating website are under 44 years. The UI of the application is also quite easy to use and hence you can easily navigate to different parts of the website or mobile application.

Common Issues Faced by Zoosk Users

Some of the common problems that are faced by the Zoosk users are that there a lot of profiles which tend to be fake. The users can lie to you about their age, height etc.

In addition, here are the few common issues that you may come across:-

Login issue

It is one of the common problem especially when you have changed your password. It will loop through the login and hence you may find a lot of problem.

Account hacked

There are a lot of spammers present on this dating application and hence you may come across a situation where your account can be hacked as well. It is important that you get in touch with us soon to fix the problem.

Message not sent

Message not sent is also a problem that you can face. This can in general happen if you are having poor reachability or if you are not reachable at all.  It is very important that you fix up the problem as soon as possible as it can cause you a lot of hindrance if you are looking to find a perfect match.

Profile picture not showing

This is one of the problem that you may face if you are not having a clear photo or it is quite small in size. Make sure that you avoid profile photos having multiple pictures or a picture that is quite filtered.  Zoosk customer service team would notifying you if any is any kind of issue in the profile picture.

Contact Zoosk Customer Service

There are various ways through which you can contact the Zoosk Customer Service. Some of them has been mentioned below:-

Official Email Id

You can efficiently get in touch with Zoosk Customer service with their official Email Id. You can contact them on for any kind of queries or complaints for the online subscriptions, Zoosk services, refund/cancellation as well as any other kind of questions.

Head office contact

If you wish to contact Zoosk , then you can get in touch with them through their contact no. One of the expert  representative would assist you with all your queries that you might be having.

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